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What is Vedic Maths?

Our Founder, Mr. Gaurav Tekriwal explains in TED, New York which has garnered close to 1 million views

How Vedic Maths helps you

Learning High Speed Vedic Mathematics will enable you to calculate much faster compared to the conventional system. You will be able to do seemingly difficult calculations like 998 x 997 in split seconds which will make a remarkable difference to your confidence and self esteem.

Our courses are structured based on 15+ years of experience in teaching mathematics for students and teachers of all levels.

Eradicates fear of Maths completely

Increases mental agility and intelligence

Improved Academic Performance

Improves memory and boosts confidence

Increases your speed and accuracy

Cultivates an Interest in you for numbers

Online One-on-One Courses

School Math Tutoring

We provide online one-on-one math tutors for school students from Grade 3 to 12

Competitive Exams

Our exam prep courses are designed to help you score in any competitive sphere

Teachers Training Course

Improve your skills as a teacher with Vedic Maths and help make maths fun

Mrs. Kalpana Gaikwad

Director, Vedic Maths New Zealand.

Mrs. Gaikwad is an entrepreneur with over two decades of rich expereince in the field of cosmetology, hospitality and entrepreneurship. She has been transforming the lives of people of New Zealand through her dedication and hard work.

She stumbled upon the concept of Vedic Maths through her niece and was mesmerised by its speed and simplicity. Since then she has made it her calling in life and mission to bring affordable education to New Zealanders by launching Vedic Maths Forum New Zealand.