Mrs. Kalpana Gaikwad

Director, Vedic Maths New Zealand.

Mrs. Gaikwad is an entrepreneur with over two decades of rich expereince in the field of cosmetology, hospitality and entrepreneurship. She has been transforming the lives of people of New Zealand through her dedication and hard work.

She stumbled upon the concept of Vedic Maths through her niece and was mesmerised by its speed and simplicity. Since then she has made it her calling in life and mission to bring affordable education to New Zealanders by launching Vedic Maths Forum New Zealand.

The Vedic Maths Forum has been promoting Vedic Mathematics globally since 2000. The New Zealand Chapter was founded by Mrs.Kalpana Gaikwad in Auckland in 2018 to bring Maths Education to every body in the country. The Forum will be conducting workshops, talks, presentations and online classes to spread the idea of Vedic Mathematics, to make Maths fun and engaging and to raise the standards of numeracy in the country.

Phone: 0800833426 | 093942400 | 0211106665